Whangapoua Reserves Management Group

Whangapoua has a number of reserves that range from beach front dunes, recreational areas and predominant forested landscape icons like Opera Point.

The first Whangapoua Reserve Management Group was formed in 1998. The group is a subcommittee of the Mercury Bay Community Board. Members of the Group are made up of 6 or more local residents appointed by Community Board.

The Group is charged with enhancing and developing local reserves in accordance with the Reserve Management Plan. An annual grant is approved by the Community Board to undertake planned reserve activities.

The Whangapoua Reserve Management Group liaise with the local Ratepayers Association and usually have a Ratepayers Association member as part of the Group.

They also assist with Beach care initiatives which involve providing seating, fencing, and access ways as well as voluntary labour to restore native dune vegetation with plants locally sourced and grown by Environment Waikato.

If you have any ideas or comments about our reserves please pass them on to a Reserve Group member or your Ratepayers Association.

For further information regarding the Whangapoua Reserve Management Group please contact the TCDC Mercury Bay Service Centre on (07) 867-2010.