Notice of AGM

The AGM of the WBRA will be held on the

Monday 4th January, 2010

At the Fire station,

commencing at 4.00 p.m.

December  Newsletter  2009

This is my last newsletter as Chairman of the WBRA and as previously, the Annual Report should be read in conjunction.  In changing chairman we are also making a change from the traditional (of latter times) date of the AGM.  Please note the detail in the above notice.

There has been a great deal of activity this year, most of which has been reported in the Annual Report.


I have made a strong note in the Annual Report about the impossible situation we have had collecting subscriptions this year.  The Association is the body which represents the Community to the Council.  We need to show that we have a membership base which reflects this as well as having a subscription stream which enables us to carry out the many activities we are involved in.

Regardless of this, if your name is on the un-financial list which will be at the door to the AGM, you will not be able to vote.  Further, if you are still un-financial at the end of January (the end of the ”subscription year” as described in the Rules) you will be deemed to be a lapsed member and removed from the data base, receiving no further communication from the Association.

New Chums

The topic of the moment.  There will be discussion on this at the AGM


This is what I wrote last year…” This year it seems that the policeman will be based in Matarangi and patrolling in Whangapoua.  The Committee is not very happy about the arrangement, but in reality, other than having the police car visible over night, the actual presence should not be any less than we enjoyed before.”…  I have left it in because the detail is the same again this year, except that we did notice a reduction in police presence and did not enjoy much service.  It seems in discussing this with the Police, that Whangapoua is too small to warrant the logistics of a permanent Police presence.   It was not going to happen!

Whangapoua Store

PLEASE MAKE NOTE     The store will be closed on Christmas Day

Shop hours for the next few weeks will be 7 to 7 depending on a host of factors, including stress and tiredness caused by roaming kids during the night.  This is my addition to Steve’s note!

As usual, please recycle plastic shopping bags to the store and bring your own favourite bag for daily use. 

If you require bulk orders do not hesitate to telephone 07-8668274 email

Steve and Diane have their own very good website



Make certain- particularly if you are renting that everyone is aware of the rules relating to rubbish .  You may not leave rubbish at the kerb side on any day except in time for, and on the day of, the kerb side collection.  Any other time,the Moloks must be used. However, please use the Tuesday and Friday collections to take pressure off the Moloks


Last year the rubbish problem was reasonably controlled and will hopefully be dealt with efficiently again this year.  The one staggering issue was the amount of glass recycling happening.  Possibly we all need to drink less!


Fishing Competition

This will be held as usual on the 2nd of January.  All is organised and licensed by MAF.  As usual, great prizes are up for hooking.  Make sure you buy your tickets on time.  Please see the attached item by Sean giving more detail

Please make note however that the LOW TIDE that day is scheduled for 6am which is not convenient and we beseech everyone to act wisely



Again I repeat last year’s details which should be the same for 2010.



Hot on the heels of the fishing competition, all budding tennis stars are required to play on Saturday 3rd January.    First round begins at 8.30am - $5 each + bring your own tennis balls.  Register on the list at the store courts by January 1st.  Draw will be posted on January 2nd at the tennis courts and at the shop.

For Boaties

The news this year is that the Council is introducing a charge for boat trailer parking.  We do not know exactly when or how it is to be introduced.  However, I gather that if you uncouple your trailer from the car when you park, that you are clear, because it is the car which must display the ticket/permit for the trailer.  If there is no trailer attached, presumably you wont need a permit!

PS.  This was just about to go to print when I received a photo graph showing stark white posts every 40 meters or so along the road.  Funnily enough we had not noticed them driving in – they had already been removed by someone!  I was further informed that my ploy about unhitching boat trailers would not work here because it is illegal to park just a car in these areas.  Apparently this holds true at the kids fishing jetty except for three or four designated car parks are being established.


Possum bait is available free of charge through the Association—for bait and traps phone Richard Jarman 07-8668791. If you are concerned with rabbits, feral cats or other pests the New Possum / Pest controller is Ian Baggley, Ph 07 8656432 or 0273 560 744

Web Site.

The WBRA website is being revamped. The new site will be more up-to-date, providing members with current information on what is happening in the community, details on actions that the WBRA has in progress and links to other sources relating to Whangapoua.

Check it out just before Christmas and let us know if there's anything you'd like to see up in lights!

Email Newsletter

We continue to plug for email contact details.  It makes the job of instant communication so much more efficient.

“Please consider acquiring your newsletters by email.  It is so much more efficient for the voluntary workers who have been preparing and posting the paper version for so long.  Please go to and register.  It also enables us to be able to make rapid communication with you if necessary.”

History Book

The reprint of the Whangapoua Beach History books has now arrived and can now be purchased via the Beach Store, Judy Drok’s Photography studio (across the road from the Store) or from Wheelers.  It is also available from Carsons Books in Thames and The Coromandel Stationers shop.

If you wish to order from Wheelers Books – their  details are as follows.

Wheelers Books

19A Triton Drive


Ph: 479 7979

email: ;

The Wheelers website will be the easiest way to place mail orders, and you can also pay by credit card.


Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays,


Erwin Drok.

Fishing Competition – Sean Eccles


The Annual Whangapoua beach fishing competition is going to be held on Saturday the second of January 2010. This year we are looking forward to having another great family day. The community support for the auction has allowed us to make  donations to the Whangapoua Beach Volunteer Fire Force and Te Renga School.


The fire force volunteers will be organising another BBQ to raise additional funds after the success of last year’s effort with lots of hungry fisher folks delighting in a well earned sausage.


We have been granted permission by the council to concrete the landing area at the jetty, in an effort to make this currently gravelled area more user friendly, we intend to do this prior to Christmas, we will be using some of funds raised from the 2010 auction to under take this project.


If you do want to support the landing area concreting project by making direct donations they would be most welcome, contact


In addition to the prizes and spot prizes this year will be selling a limited number of tickets to win a fantastic Tica gold alloy Reel and rod set to celebrate our key sponsor, Kilwells Sports 75th Anniversary.


We really look forward to organising this great community event which brings out the true spirit of being a part of the Whangapoua community and supporting the local charities and projects….. and if you’re good getting your name onto one of our special trophies as a winner.


Advertisement Corner.


The Castle Rock Winery Café remains a must on the circuit.  Wayne’s coffee and pastry chef treats do just that.  Light lunches are also available.  Sharon’s renowned Raspberry Vinegar and chutneys are still available as are the fruit wines the business was originally based on.


Judy Drok Photography re-opens on the 4th (Whangapoua time) of January with an exciting new range of photographic images classically framed or mounted on a fine “canvas”.  The popular range of blocks and cards remain available.

The very successful “Coromandel 2010” calendar and a new poster based on the letterbox pages in the History Book will be available 

Yoga Workshops at the Beach this Summer! 

Freeing the Spine

Saturday 9th January


Finding the Lungs

Sunday 10th January

Geash Bowler is back due to popular demand teaching 2 workshops in the Whangapoua Fire Station this summer. We will explore ways of becoming more free, connected and comfortable in the body. Geash has completed Donna Farhis Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and is influenced by the informed freedom of Vanda Scaravellis work. Everybody is welcome. When you are kind to the body it responds in surprisingly incredible ways.

Both workshops 10am-1pm, $40 or $75 for both. To book a space contact Geash Ph.0275667789