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August 2010 Newsletter



Thank you to all who put in a submission on the New Chums application which closed last Tuesday.  According to the TCDC on Friday, they were still counting, but anticipating just short of 1,000 submissions which came in! with yours amongst them.


At this stage, a TCDC planner is sorting them, reading them (what a task!), making a précis of them and including them in a report for the Commissioners.  The Commissioners will absorb all of this information before the hearing commences.  It is anticipated that with the new push for hearings to be conducted within the time frames set out in the Resource Management Act, that the hearing will occur in September.  Possibly the overwhelming avalanche of submissions might delay this slightly.


At the hearing, Mike Savage will present and argue the Association’s case.  Those of you who requested to be heard, and who decide to proceed with along that line, will get the opportunity to speak to your submission and be questioned by the Commissioners.  The Commissioners will be seeking to understand the reasons behind your submission, not question you on points of planning law.  The hearing may possibly take a week, but the period will be scheduled depending on the number of submitters wishing to be heard.  The Commissioners will make a decision on the application that probably will not satisfy all of the parties (applicant and submitters).  The dissatisfied party (or parties) will probably appeal, so that the matter is passed to the Environment Court.  There is likely to be a reasonable delay before the matter is heard in the Environment Court.


You will be aware of publicity and media footage from a group based in Whitianga which has set up a “Preserve New Chum Beach for Everyone” association which will be duly incorporated.  This group is very focused.  Its aim is to facilitate the purchase of New Chums and have it become a national reserve or be run by a trust.  It has started a petition to parliament.  A copy of the petition is attached for those interested, and who want to get others to sign it.  If you sign it and/or want to gather other signatures, Linda asks that you collect them and mail the forms to the address below.  All enquiries about the petition should be directed to the same contact details.  The petition is also online at www.preservenewchum.org.nz or www.theinformer.co.nz for overseas people.  Local people need to sign a hard copy of the petition.



Linda Cholmondeley Smith

PO Box 117


Ph:  07 866 2405

Fax: 07 866 2092

email: newchumforeveryone@orcon.net.nz


Your association (WBRA) has been single minded in its focus on developing a submission, and preparing for presenting that submission at the hearing.  It is being careful to not be distracted by these other events, since the hearing will happen, and a decision will be made.  After the hearing, and the probable resulting appeal to the Environment Court, the time may be right to approach the current land owners about purchasing the land.


Local Body Elections

Those of you who attended the AGM early this year will recall the dissatisfaction expressed by members about Council.  This is your year to have a say about who represents you.  You can vote for mayor, two councillors representing Mercury Bay Ward and four members for the Mercury Bay Community Board.  However, you need to be enrolled locally to be able to vote.  Non-resident ratepayers are eligible to enrol and all ratepayers will have received a letter from Council in the last few months highlighting that fact.  Thus if you are resident in another Council area you can still vote in TCDC. 

Unfortunately, official enrolments closed on Friday 20th.  If you are not on the roll you need to contact TCDC on 07 868 0200 and ask for the required papers or visit www.tcdc.govt.nz.  They are also available at the Post Office.  Then you will need to have a “special vote” if you are late registering, but it is difficult to get information on whether these voting papers will be mailed out, or you need to vote in person at a TCDC polling booth.

If you are registered as a trust, only one person can be nominated to vote on behalf of the trust.

This is important because as we get closer to Election Day, hopefully we will be in a position to suggest what candidates are likely to best represent Whangapoua ratepayers.


You may remember Dal Minogue who attended our AGM.  He is standing for mayor and one of his policies is to remove the boat ramp fees.  He has advised us that he has a website outlining his policies at www.minoguemayor.com.  Murray McLean (who also attended) is another with our interests at heart standing for mayor


Amenity Fees (also known as Boat Trailer Parking Fees)

The Council has scrapped its Boat Trailer Parking policy but decided to introduce an “Amenity Fee”.  TCDC’s website says:


“Boaties will continue to pay for boat trailer parking across the whole district, but TCDC has listened to public concerns and made changes to its boat trailer parking processes to address them.  The $6 daily or $60 annual fee will now pay for a boat launching and amenities permit, with the name change better reflecting the use that the money is put to and covers the situation where trailer boats are being launched from a beach rather than a ramp.  After further consultation with the Pauanui community, the number of signs and areas to be policed in that community has been reduced.  Council has also agreed to set up separate accounts to ensure that funds collected from a particular area are allocated towards the maintenance or improvements in that area rather than the previous ward-based approach.”


This certainly requires your compliance when parking your vehicle and (attached) boat trailer down by the ramp.  The strange thing is that the fees are exactly the same fees as for the earlier trailer parking fee.  You can figure it out for yourself!  We are aware of cars being ticketed at Whangapoua including other offences such as expired registrations and WOFs on both cars and trailers.


Newsletter by email

We continue to plug for email contact details.  Please consider acquiring your newsletters and other communications by email.  If you receive this newsletter in the post, then we do not have your email contact details and/or you have not given us permission to use your email contact.  It is so much more efficient for the voluntary workers who have been preparing and posting the paper versions of newsletters for so long.  Please email wbra@clear.net.nz to request your newsletter by email.  It also enables us to rapidly communicate with you about issues if necessary.  Please advise any changes to your email address also!


Communications with WBRA

Our email address is wbra@clear.net.nz.  Please do not send emails to Richard Jarman’s personal email address.  Richard maintains our membership database and email address contact list and sends emails on behalf of the association.  For that we are very grateful, and we wish to ease his email burden.





History Book

Copies of the Whangapoua Beach History book can still be purchased from the store or at Judy Drok’s Photography studio (across the road from the store) or from Wheelers Bookshops.  It is also available from Carsons Books in Thames and The Coromandel Stationers shop.


Tsunami warning

Brochures about what to do in the event of a tsunami warning are available from the store.



We still have a reasonable number of members who have not paid this year’s subscription.  Do not be offended when you receive a telephone call as a follow up.


General News

At this stage everything else seems to be in order in Whangapoua.  Steve and Dianne have been away on holiday.  Some locals say that the big houses are become bigger and brasher by the day.  At the other end of the scale, the dotterels come to check out their real estate on occasion over the winter, no doubt hoping for a more successful breading season this year (no fledglings now for two years!).


It will soon be time for us to prepare for summer!



Your Committee:

Geoffrey Farquhar (Chairman)

Richard Ludbrook (Treasurer)

Jane Ashwell (Secretary)

Erwin Drok

Mark Hiddleston

Lloyd Whalen

Mark Andrews

Oscar Allen

Julia Tucker



Advertisement – Photographic Workshop

Judy Drok is offering a one full day photographic workshop at her studio on 2nd October (middle weekend of the holidays). 

Her thirty something years of photography will give you an insight into the technicalities of photography, composition, working with light and presentation.  You will require a camera.  A memory stick would be an advantage.

Cost is $280 for the days, lunch and teas provided. Min 6, max 8 participants.  If other days suit for a group, please contact.  Contact Judy at drok@clear.net.nz