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Mini Newsletter, July 2009

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Boat Ramp Parking

The WBRA had the annual meeting with TCDC at Whangapoua last week. Lesley McComick represented Council as usual. Many items and issues were canvassed again – some of them for the umpteenth time. Though it must be said that there might be some slow progress on some of them. However, there is one major issue which seems to have slipped under the radar and is going to rock your boats – literally. TCDC is implementing a Peninsula wide parking fee at all boat ramps from next summer. All towing vehicles will need to display a parking sticker - in Whangapoua from Opera Point to the boat ramp [and probably past it]. The Bylaws Officer will be patrolling and ticketing, including out of date registrations and WoFs. Details are still being worked through by council, but it seems that fees will be in the order of $65 for the year, or $10 per day. Tickets could be available through the store (if they agree) by a “pay and display” machine at the ramp, or possibly even over the internet. Fees have been charged for parking at Whangamata and Coromandel ramps for a while now. We are now in line! If you have issues of the lazy, hazy days of summer suddenly being dumped back into the middle of the stress of urban life, feel free to make your feelings known. We are assured that this is NOT a revenue gathering program and that all the revenue will go back into improvements at boat ramps. We are also assured that the Bylaws Officer will not have his other tasks diminished by this. Good one!

TCDC phone number is 07 868 0200 or by email to lesley.mccormick@tcdc.govt.nz

Life Saving Equipment

Many will have noticed the new boxes holding life saving equipment. For this we have to thank Richard Thode for donating all the proceeds of the concert at Christmas time and to Ian Given for organising the building and installation.

The History Project book is due into NZ next week and separate information regarding this will be forthcoming.

On a happier note, our man Steve from the store has been following the Tour de France on his bike with a like minded touring group. Apparently our
Whangapoua hill is only considered to be flat terrain over there! We continually expected to see that Steve had picked up a notch and was actually going to wear the Yellow Jersey, but that was not to be.Welcome home to Steve.

There is a short extract from one of his emails to whet your appetite and warn you not to expect a quick discussion of his exploits next time you come to the store.

Erwin Drok.