WBRA Initiatives

The WBRA has a range of initiatives underway at any given time and input from its members towards these is important. Please check the links at right for further details on current initiatives.


The Whangapoua Ratepayers Association was established some 30 years ago with a Charter to address issues that directly affected the local beach community.

These issues have been broad in both scope and involvement and I think all would agree have provided great benefits and improvements to the surrounding environs.

Some examples of past projects have included; assisting with building the boat ramp, fishing wharf, tennis courts and playground, planting beach grasses & Pohutakawa's, installing beach rescue services, preserving Opera Point as a scenic reserve and successfully preventing Matarangi Subdivision effluent being discharged into the Whangapoua Harbour.

All of the above and more have been completed with the assistance of many local residents who have given freely and willingly of their time over the past 30+ years and through the membership fees and donations received via its members.

The Association's, mandate is expressed in its constitution as:

3.1 Conserve, safeguard, promote and generally advance the interests and welfare (material, cultural and social) of the owners, occupiers and residents of properties in and near the Whangapoua Beach Area.

3.2 Preserve, conserve, improve, beautify, and enhance the amenities of the Whangapoua Beach Area for the benefit not only of the owners, occupiers and residents, but also all guests and visitors, tourists from other regions and countries, and the public in general.

As far as development activity is concerned, the Association has always had a consistent approach. That is to review every proposed development, and if possible, improve on it so that it adequately takes into account the interests of the wider community.

Consistent with that approach, the Association has traditionally been involved in every significant development proposal that has come to its attention. However it has relatively limited funds so it is necessary to focus its resources on matters of major significance. Individual house plans on the beach front generally don't justify intervention for that reason, although there are occasional exceptions. Unless consent applications are publicly notified we often miss out on the opportunity to provide input.